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Meet the Bridge

A little more about who we are

Bob Baldwin


Bob has been a member at RCYC since 2008 and has been the Commodore since 2015.  Bob & Betty own a 38' Carver Sea Filly II

Brian Boodrow

Vice Commodore

Brian has been a member at RCYC since 2016 and 2018 is his first year as Vice Commodore.  Brian & Shawn own a 360 Rinker Just Dreamin'

Eric Tyler


Eric has been a member at RCYC since 2014 and has been the Secretary since 2015.  Eric & Kim own a 40' Silverton Convertible Our Way


Tom Sprague


Tom has been a member since 2014 and  took over the treasurer position in 2017. Tom & Kathy own a 35' Carver Mariner Life Is Good

Our History

Starting in the Spring of 1955

Ravena Coeymans Boat Club, now known and incorporated as the Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club, Inc., was founded in the spring of 1955. The Hudson River site in the Town of Coeymans was purchased from Knaust Brothers, Inc. on June 30, 1956. At the time of purchase, access to the property stopped at the "Stone House", the remainder of the property, with which we are familiar with today, was a heavily wooded island surrounded by the Onesquethaw Creek on the West side and the Hudson River on the East side. Through the years the creek changed its course turning the land from an island to a peninsula firmly attached to the main land. The island was used for ice farming, which ceased production many years prior to the acquisition. Reminders of this industry still exist in the form of foundations for ice houses located on various portions of the property.

Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club was originally started by a group of boaters residing in and around the Town of Ravena. These people realized the lack of boating facilities in their area and decided to do something about the problem. Some of the original founders of the club were Richard Hotaling, Ravena Coeymans Boat Club's first Commodore, Asa Boomer, William Cronan, Steve Day, Gerry Finke, Staats Hotaling, Ken Irwin, Cliff Lawson, Bill Lyons and Barl Whitbeck. The monthly club meeting was not held on the premises, but in the homes of its members. In its first year of existence an 8' x 12' dock was constructed and made available to its members. There were four boats moored in the basin.


Facilities consisted of an outhouse donated by a farmer and brought down from Clarkesville by boat trailer and the club's first building was a metal barracks purchased from RPI. The roof and walls of this building were recently removed to make room for a new pitched roof which now covers the entire building. The docks and launching ramp, which we have today, were started in June of '65 and have been continually updated and expanded by the membership. From the beginning, Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club's success has been due entirely to the dedication of its members and their families and its future will be governed by this same dedication.

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Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club

52 Stonehouse Hill Road

Coeymans, New York 12045


Mailing Address:


Post Office Box 126

Ravena, New York 12143-0126


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GPS: 42.4775296, -73.7895747

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Contact us

Commodore Bob Baldwin: (518) 439-6050

Email: rcb54@nycap.rr.com


Dock master Jim Murphy: (518) 491-8655

Email: ramcen@aol.com


RCYC Clubhouse: (518) 756-9932


Striper Fishing Slips: striperfishing@rcyc.net


Web Master: webmaster@rcyc.net


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